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Use this page to add a Hay listing.
    There is no charge to place your bid or ask. Complete this form as shown and click once on the "Add New Listing" button. Only registered buyers and sellers are able to use the live listing update feature of this web site. To obtain a registration ID and password, please complete and submit the registration form.
    To view the live report listings requires a subscription to A.J.BAT. Please complete and submit the subscription order form.
Step 1: Enter your registration ID and password

Registration ID
Step 2: Select whether your listing is a Bid  (i.e. You are buying this crop)
  Ask  (i.e. You are selling this crop)
Step 3: Describe the crop being listed (a) Select type of bale
        (b) Enter weight per bale in numbers only (eg. 1234)
        (c) Select units (eg. lb, kg, etc.)
        (d) Select relative feed value
        (e) Enter quantity available or wanted using numbers only (eg. 1234)
        (f) Select units for quantity entered (eg. lb, kg, etc.)
Step 4: Identify location for pickup or delivery. Use only lowercase letters except for the first letter of town's name. [14 letters max]


Step 5: Identify price and terms    (a) Select currency (eg. $C or $US)
        (b) Enter price using numbers only (eg. 1.23 or 0.123 or 123.45)
        (c) Price is per what unit?
        (d) What are the terms?
        (e) Select the delivery period
        (f) Select year for delivery
Step 6: Reference Code - If desired, a code up to five characters (numbers and/or letters) may be entered to help you identify this listing from any others you have made. Leave blank if no reference code is required.
  Do you want your e-mail address to be used for receiving responses regarding your listing? You will have an opportunity to confirm the e-mail address we have on file via the confirmation page that will appear before the listing is added to the database. Yes  No
  Is this an A.J.BATexport listing? (See the A.J.BATexport page for details.) Yes  No
  Any additional terms, notes or clarifying remarks may be typed to the right (240 characters max). These notes will be displayed when a viewer follows the buy/sell link for your listing.
Step 7: Submit your listing request by clicking the button to the right.          

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